Chinese Gilt Silver

Dynasty (1/5)

  • Rare Chinese Bronze Bear Inlaid With Gold And Silver Han Dynasty 206b. C. 220a. D
  • The Qing Dynasty Chinese Silver Gilding Blueing Box Inlaid Jade In Han Dynasty
  • Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Buddha
  • Chinese Silver Gilding Hairpin Dragon Head Decorated Tang Dynasty
  • Chinese Bronzes Ming And Qing Dynasty Later Chinese Bronze
  • Chinese Gold And Silver Inlaid Bronze Belt Hook, Han Dynasty (206 B. C. 220 A. D)
  • Pair Stunning Chinese Qing Dynasty Gilt And Silvered Spinach Jade Table Screens
  • Chinese Gold&silver Boxes Bronze Flower&phoenix Veins Dynasty Box
  • Chinese Silver Gold Inlaid Cup Figure&horses Veins Dynasty Cup
  • Antique Chinese Qhing Dynasty Hairpin 24 Gold Gild Silver Brooch
  • Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-907) Rare Silver Gilt Bronze Monk's Alms Bowl W6733
  • 16 Chinese Dynasty Palace Pure Bronze Silver-gilt Pattern Sculpture Horse Statue
  • Chinese Gold And Silver Inlay Bronze Belt Hook. (han Dynasty)
  • Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Gold Silver Dragon Red Silk Purse Scent Pouch
  • Chinese Qing Dynasty Copper And Parcel Gilt Silver Lined Libation Or Water Pot
  • Antique Signed Chinese Silver With Gold Bracelet Immortals & Bats Qing Dynasty