Chinese Gilt Silver

Bronze (1/7)

  • Ming Dynasty Antique Chinese Gold & Silver Inlaid Bronze Censer 1600's Bonham's
  • Han Dynasty Turquoise Gold And Silver Inlay Chinese Bronze Belt Hook
  • Antique Chinese Bronze Vase Silver & Gold Qing Dynasty Original Christie's
  • Antique Chinese Zhou Dynasty Gold & Silver Inlaid Archaic Bronze Chariot Fitting
  • Chinese Bronze Palace Lamp Silver Gilt Kneeling Servant Palace Lamps
  • Ngel Botello Bronze Sculpture Ca 1980 Celebrating Latino Heritage Preview
  • Chinese Gold&silver Pot Gilt Bronze Dragon&phoenix Veins Two Dragon Handle Pots
  • 7 Chinese Antique Bronze Handmade Qing Silvering Gilt Boy Candlestick Statue
  • Chinese Gold&silver Bowls Cups Gilt Bronze Hand Carve Double Dragon Motif Bowls
  • Chinese Dynasty Bronze Copper Silver-gilt Dragon Foo Dog Beast Vase Pot Jar Jug
  • Chinese Triple Fusee And Gilt Bronze Clock With Automation
  • Chinese Gilt Silver Token Beast Veins Pattern Bronze Dynasty Pendent Tokens 3#
  • Chinese Gold&silver Bowls Cups Gilt Bronze Hand Carve Flower&leaf Motif Bowls
  • Chinese Gilt Bronze Damloup Plated Silver Massive Beasts&dragon Vein Danglu #02
  • Chinese Fengshui Figurine White Bronze Silver Gilt Monkey Seat Pine Tree Statue
  • 8 Collect Marked Old Chinese Bronze Silver Gilt Dynasty Palace Dragon Lion Jar